Annuity Rates

We can help you with the latest tools in communication, tracking, and management for your insurance business. This list of tools and resources are helpful when finding annuity rates and solutions that work best for your client and you. 

You can calculate rates and can learn how to make the most out of an investment. These useful tools can assist with Indexed Annuities, MYG Annuities, Traditional Annuities, Income Rider Comparisons, and SPIA Quotes.

Annuity & Life Tools

At NFI Solutions, we offer a variety of agent tools and calculators to help you help your clients. From income evaluators and social security analysis to helpful resources that will allow you to find the perfect IRA for your clients. Bookmark this list and save it as a go-to resource when you need a quick estimate for your clients.


At NFI, we ensure our customers receive the best options with insurance carriers. We work with only the industry’s best to ensure the best rates and optimal amount of coverage.

This list includes our most trusted and top go-to insurance companies. These carriers provide the highest quality of insurance in the country. Each carrier provides something unique to their insurance plans.

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Our contracting experts can generate and submit your completed forms to carriers. Saving you time and money so your focus is more on helping clients make the right decisions. We offer a list of all essential information needed before getting appointed so you’re ready to go. Additional training materials are available to help troubleshoot and how to assist with insurance contracting for all 50 U.S states.

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Lead Programs

Looking for qualified leads and appointment setting?

Work with NFI Solutions! We have several programs designed to help you generate leads and close your cases!

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Product Training

With the constantly changing industry, the need for additional training is helpful for accurate client assistance. Tracking down forms can be difficult, or there may be questions for any unfamiliar coverage options.

The list of product training links and essential form downloads are beneficial whether an agent is beginning or has been in the industry for years. The list will update often with more training tools to ensure you stay updated. Log in to learn more!

Index Performance Reports

Our partnership with this Index Performance Report software is just one example of the many valuable services we want to continually provide for you. This website will give you access to historical performance data on the Fixed Indexed Annuity products that you can offer through our firm. We only offer the best to those who work with us here at NFI! 

The next time you meet with a client to take an application, these reports will take the mystery out of the allocation process. You will now be able to show your clients an accurate look to help them determine the best path they can take to enhance their growth potential & retirement. Enter the code: NFI5588. This code will give you a 50% discount off the monthly subscription to this website. Your cost will only be $25.00 per month. Your subscription level will be the highest level offered by INDEXALYZER. This means you will have an unlimited download capacity each month. You can download reports for the cases you are working on now, or for cases you sold in the past to help those clients re-allocate to better options. You can also use your unlimited status to download other reports for competitive intelligence purposes. These reports will elevate your practice, increase your industry knowledge and ultimately help you close more sales! 

Index Performance Report 10-25-22

E-Apps & Microsites

This page contains a list of all the microsites, mobile sites, and app links for the carriers we work with here at NFI Solutions. These websites contain an abundance of helpful info that your clients can access while they are on the go. The mobile apps and websites make it possible for insurance policyholders to access their accounts while they are away from home. Some even make it possible for customers to file a claim instantly, straight from their smartphone device. You can provide these useful links to your clients once they take out a new policy so that they will have access to all the great features their insurance provider has to offer. This information will be updated with additional links whenever more of our carriers add on these innovative features.

MYGA Report

Download our MYGA Report for when your clients are looking for guaranteed consistent growth

CRM Options

Retain, recruit, and grow your business. Keep everything organized and in one place with our CRM options.

Premium Finance

The best advisors are always looking for better ways to help their clients and diversify their business. Adding leveraged planning (Premium Finance) to your practice will help you meet your high-net-worth client’s need for protection, potentially tax-free income, and legacy planning. If you are selling premium financing part-time, we have observed that it is difficult to get good consistent results. In our discussion with many insurance producers, we have found that the common obstacles range from, taking a long time to process, a large investment of time and capital, and they rarely close. All of these characterizations about the premium finance market are dead-on accurate without the experience, protocols, dedication of time, and historical client base necessary to engage this market. NFI Solutions has launched a Premium Finance Program to help you overcome these obstacles and start closing Premium Financing cases in a more efficient and profitable way.


With the constant changes in the insurance industry, we supply our clients with access to the tools and resources needed to stay updated. Beneficial details will be found about how to better assist your client to find the best coverage with their budget. Check out our selection of educational resources to learn about recent changes and how it may affect your clients. Log in information is needed to access this information.

Upcoming Webinars

If you are interested in the latest changes and improvements in the industry, or just want to learn more about how to better communicate with your clients, these webinars from experts in the field can help. This page is updated regularly with the latest details on upcoming webinars that we feel will interest our clients. You can find out the date and time and register for the topics that interest you most. From learning about the retirement income gap to the latest changes to hybrid life and annuity plans. You can find out a wealth of useful information that will allow you to inform your clients about the latest advancements in insurance and investing.