Why Use a CRM?


Retain existing advisors and mitigate attrition and risk by keeping a finger on the pulse of existing advisors.

  1. Premium Trends: Identify at-risk premium ahead of the curve in order to take action.
  2. Illustration Requests: Identify who has returned the most and least profit for submitted quotes.


Nurture new premium from your hottest prospects and experience a 20-50% increase reach.

  1. Auto communication: Email templates, message templates, voicemail templates and auto-preferences put you at maximum efficiency when working a sales list.
  2. Log Activity: Automatic record of activity is logged with every profile, every action.
  3. Contact Notifications: See when emails are received in order to make a timely follow-up call.


Dashboards make it easy to see what you need to do and when you need to do it. We make sure you hit the most important things advisors care about.

  1. Lifestyle Events: Never miss an important day in your advisor’s life.
  2. Incentives: Motivate new and existing advisors to write more business by knowing where they rank.
  3. Achievements: Let your advisors know when they did a good job.
  4. Production: Help your advisors stay on track and meet their goals.

CRM Tier 1

The first tier of our CRM package will give you access to view your policies in our CRM system. You will be able to see all of our notes from previous follow up and future scheduled follow ups.

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CRM Tier 2

The second tier is access to our CRM system with the ability to view our past and future follow up, view our notes, add clients, and create your own follow up under those profiles or leads. Advisors will only have access to their own book of business or downline, so you will never have to worry about another advisor looking at your book of business. Training videos and support will be provided by NFI Solutions.

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CRM Tier 3

The third tier is access to your own CRM system. You will have 5-10 hours of onboarding training, with the ability to run and export reports, create follow up and add clients and leads under individual profiles.

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