Newly established businesses by default, opt for social media advertising. The scenario isn’t the case with well-established brands or businesses. They would have reaped success by having implemented various marketing strategies. However, if a brand believes that people still can’t relate to its products or have no knowledge of the brand, then it simply means that awareness is required and that’s the right time to kick-start the social advertising campaign. Here, there’s no scope for any second thoughts. There is no other social channel that offers better brand visibility than Facebook. Perhaps, this is one such scenario.

The other scenario would be purely technical. A business would have been using digital marketing techniques like PPC AdWords campaigns for the lead generation process and to drive conversion. But now, in recent times, the traction they used to drive out of these campaigns would have become saturated and the ROI might have steadily come down compared with the earlier days. At this juncture, such kind of businesses can try their luck in social media advertising.

Tactics to decipher the right timing for social media marketing

Rewind yourself back to the years 2008 to 2014. Businesses were able to drive quality traffic to their websites as well as generate more leads. All at a very meager sum. Those days, the cost of niche keywords would be anywhere between .05 to .25 per click. Indeed, those were really good times. If you want to loosen your purse strings and catch more fish, the maximum cost you need to spend per keyword roughly ranges between .25 to .75 per click.

Now, coming back to 2022, it isn’t easy to target a niche if you even spend a maximum of $5.00/click. In the current competitive trend, spending $250/month is considered a low budget. However, the situation is different for big businesses, as they can afford to rake in more money. The logic is quite simple here. The more you spend per click, the ads appear in the top position.

Having highlighted the current scenario in the digital advertising landscape, there are several alternate digital advertising platforms in existence. And one such is social media advertising.

Before venturing into social media advertising, ask the following questions.

  1. What did traditional advertising channels your business utilize to generate leads over the years?
  2. What was the total number of reach?
  3. An approximate number of leads generated for a particular investment?

Why social media advertising is a better option than traditional advertising?

  • Social media advertising generates three times more leads than traditional marketing.
  • Since people are active across all social channels round-the-clock, advertising in social channels will increase brand awareness.
  • Targeting options in social platforms are greatly advanced; hence, reaching out to the most appropriate target audience is very much possible.
  • Marketing through social media is more cost-effective than traditional marketing.
  • The performance of an ad campaign can be monitored in real-time in SMM, whereas with traditional advertising, it is the least possible.
  • Ads published are inter-shareable with social advertising. When a person likes your ad on social media, the possibility of sharing it with known circles is high. This is an additional advantage of SMM is the enhanced reach.
  • The reach is almost instant with social advertising. Brands can gauge the response to the ad by analyzing the comments garnered on various social channels.
  • SMM can nurture a long-term audience. When you have a strong set of followers, the ads published become an instant hit.

Brands need to be very assertive in kick-starting their social advertising. A better clarity can be had only when the brand analyses the ROI’s of all other ongoing digital advertising techniques. Social media advertising agencies are the knowledge powerhouses that can assist companies in this regard.