Equitrust is requiring all contracted agents and entities to provide a newly signed agent contract!

They are updating their contract from a tri-party agreement to a bi-party agreement. This means all commissionable agents and entities are required to sign a new contract to continue doing business with and being paid commissions by EquiTrust.

The new contract also includes:

  1. Increased data security measures
  2. Addition of HIPAA Business Associate Addendum for the Bridge® long-term care/fixed index annuity product
  3. Business Guidelines as an addendum
  4. Opt-in election for EquiTrust communications
  5. Future ability to assign commissions

The process is easy, Equitrust will send an email this week to the email address you used to register with Equitrust. Once you receive the email, you will find Docusign links to complete. Once the links are completed, this process is complete!

Failure to complete this could result in the termination of your Equitrust contract!

Give NFI Solutions if you would like to get contracted with Equitrust or if you have questions about this process!

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