As an agent, you surely have clients that are more than ready to retire.
Some of them may want to delay taking their social security benefits.

Yes they could start taking their benefits as early as age 62, however, if they delay taking benefits, they could be getting MUCH more.

Once a client reaches the full retirement age their benefits increase by 8%, for every year they delay taking benefits up to age 70! *(if born after 1943)

The Social Security Administration backs that delaying a clients start date in order to achieve this growth in benefits is a strategy that can work for many retirees! Delaying that start date could be the difference in hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars in monthly income.

Retirement often times is longer than people anticipate, due to the life expectancy of humans growing more longevous each year.

And of COURSE, a fixed indexed annuity is the BEST way to help clients bridge the income gap while they delay their start date on social security benefits.


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