Social media advertising is not a buzzword anymore. It’s the reality of today’s marketing objectives and goals. It leads to promoting your company on many platforms, where thousands of people view your brand simultaneously. It is your business’s tangible assets that help increase sales and leads. A study showcased that social media advertising surpassed newspaper advertising spending for the first time.

You can imagine from the fact that advertisers spent $5.1 billion on social media in 2013 and it will expect to reach $14 billion by 2018. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the most commonly used social media platforms, and Instagram and Pinterest are the platforms that are gaining popularity daily. These social media platforms are filled with hundreds of billions of people. These people can help to reach your brand to millions of people. So why wouldn’t you take advantage? To advertise your products or service on social media channels, you have to develop a strategy for what the content should be and how this content should be managed. Several social media advertising agencies can help your business in this regard. Social media advertising has recently been important because it offers several benefits. Social media advertising helps businesses to find new targeted and potential customers for your business.

Social media is the biggest platform for the business and the customer to find things of their own interests. Rather than targeting users who search for a certain term, social media advertising targets prospective users before they even begin their search. Social media is one of the best platforms for advertisers because of the reliable conversion tracking, advanced targeting options and popularity on mobile devices.

1. Improved Conversion Tracking:

Social media is the best place to justify your single penny to fulfill your goals and objectives from the budget you spend on advertising campaigns. Whether you use pay-per-click advertising for your website or some other metrics to measure your advertising ads’ success, most social media channels provide website conversion tracking. Conversion tracking allows your business to track all the activities of the ad campaign and helps your business be smarter for your paid campaign and strategy. Social media conversion tracking shows how effective the ad campaign was in driving some measurable action on your website, like buying your product, registering for an event and a mere click on your website. If your ad only receives clicks, but no leads or conversation, then it is no use. It is a wasted investment. This information helps you to optimize your ad campaigns and targeting better.

2. Advanced Targeting:

Because social media channels gather a lot of information from different users, social media can target your audience in a wider variety of ways which hardly any platforms will provide you. Social media provides general demographic and geographical data and has opened the door to behavioral data, deeper interest and connection-based targeting options. These advanced targeting options allow your target customer to find you easily and increase the relevance of your ads to customer needs and preferences, which no other platforms will allow you. Here are the four advanced targeting options:

Interested Targeting: You can modify your ad campaign and reach your target audience by looking at their activities, interests, skill, page and users they engaged with etc. This targeting is often related to keyword targeting. The audience interest can be general as an industry (automobile industry) or a particular product (iPhone).

Connection/ Behavioral Targeting: Behavioral targeting helps identify the customer based on purchase behavior, device, or intents usage. At the same time, connection targeting helps identify the people who have a specific connection to your group, app, page or event. Both types of targeting consider the past and help take out the best from your ad campaigns.

Custom Targeting: Targeting helps reach several people by searching through phone numbers, user ids, and user names or uploading a list of email addresses. If you want to target a particular community or group, you can simply upload them and target them directly.

Lookalike Targeting: You can target people similar to your business or the audience you care about through social media advertising. Lookalike targeting can be an incredible tool because it helps business extend their custom audience to reach new similar users.

3. Mobile Dominance:

With the latest and most well-developed smartphones, with faster speed and a greater internet connection, most people use smartphones to access their social media channels. In the US, 60% of the population uses smartphones and tablets to access their social media channels. It is no denying that smartphones are the best to attract new and more customers for your business because the mobile user is already checking their social media accounts multiple times a day. So advertising to them while they are within those apps is the best way to reach them without disturbing them.