Value is delivering on your promise!

What value do you bring the clients you serve? What challenges do you help them solve?
Many financial professionals answer the question “why should I do business with you?” with an anecdote about themselves along the lines of ” we deliver a high level of professional service,” or “I run a unique wealth management practice,”. While phrases like these certainly highlight great attributes, they are focused on you, and not the client.

Here are some steps you can take to create your authentic value promise:
1. Select 5 to 7 of your best clients, those who would advocate on your behalf.

2. Meet with them individually and let them know you would like their help in positioning yourself appropriately in the market.

3. Ask these two questions and write down their answers: “Why do you do business with me?” and then ask “why is that important to you?”

4. Write down their answers and look for key words that resonate with you personally.

5. Craft a short phrase that captures what you feel is your true value, and if you can’t decide, ask your best clients to help you choose. This shows them that you truly value them as people, as well as helps you as the producer know exactly how a client would think and feel about your value statement!

Here are some examples of some value statements used by real agents:

“My firm will protect you and your family’s financial future”

“I will personally help you navigate complex financial decisions”

“We can help you plan and achieve your financial objectives”

Integrate this phrase into your client facing messages, this can include everything from email signatures to business cards, LinkedIn pages, press releases and more!

At the end of the day, a value is more than a proposition.

Remember: Your message and conversations are not about persuading clients; they’re about relating to and engaging them.