IMO’s Are A Great Asset to Insurance And Annuity Agents…but some uplines aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

This is why our CEO decided NFI Solutions needed to be the change he wanted to see.

As an agent he saw what other IMOs lacked and created NFI SOLUTIONS!

Our ultimate goal is to help agents experience no stress success.

We can be your SOLUTION, at every step of the way.

Shon Boren


Our team of sales consultants are ready to build lasting connections and assist you in finding the best product to give you the best return on your client’s investment, but also make sure YOU as an agent are getting what you need!

Our back-office team is personable and cares about your policies, they work hard to make sure that carriers do right by you and your clients and will make sure things process as quickly as possible while getting you all the updates!

Our contracting department is ready to get you contracted with the carriers of your choice at the drop of a hat! 

The bottom line is, NFI is simply better than the rest, which is why we are the preferred IMO with many fantastic carriers.

Allow NFI Solutions to give you all the tools you need to succeed!


At NFI Solutions, we will always strive to provide the best service and support to your business! It is our goal to exceed your expectations with our wide range of case design and client branding services. Whether you need a professional team to take over your task or help with learning the basics of today’s innovative technologies, at NFI we can help you succeed by showing you how to get better, faster results.


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